A good project defines its foundation on various software lifecycle activities, e.g. requirements gathering, design and the planning, software development, quality assurance, deployment etc. In most common cases, the initial phases of a project are crafted by management or business analysts. Today, projects operate in a very complex environment and are difficult to master. Project team members are not collocated anymore.

With projects being complex in nature and operating in a global environment, project management is round the clock. Team members present in different regions and time zone collaborate often, typically during the execution phase of a project. Essentially, every…


Selection of suitable estimation techniques in a project is crucial. Estimations may occur at different times during the lifecycle of a project, typically most of which is completed during the initiation phase. Most commonly estimations are tied to costs and resources in project management knowledge areas. The emphasis of this publication is on all estimation techniques however the author would like to embrace a variable in those mathematical formulae inclining them to additional constraints, often missed during the estimation process. The author has focused on estimation technique known as ‘Three Point Estimation’, which used weightage approach and redefined the formulae…

Azhar Khwaja

Bold explorer of Agile way of life

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